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ICE4Autism Mobile App Can Improve Emergency Care for People with ASD

Emergency situations are challenging for everyone, but add in the sensory, communication, social and behavioral complexities associate with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and an emergency can turn into a disaster for person with autism.

The unique nature of autism means that even if first responders are aware that a person has autism, it does not mean they have the specifics necessary to treat that particular individual properly. What first responders, ER doctors and nurses need to know is what does that particular person’s autism involve? Does s/he, for example, have communication difficulties, and if so, what are they? Or, if s/he has sensory issues, how does s/he react when overstimulated, and how should they respond effectively.

The ICE4Autism In Case of Emergency mobile app stores vital information about an autistic person’s unique needs and sensitivities directly on their iPhone or iPad. It provides people on the spectrum with a practical means of providing first responders with actionable information about themselves quickly and effectively.

In an emergency situation even a few seconds can make a difference, so immediate access to a patient’s specific medical information can directly impact the care s/he receives and the awareness necessary to respond appropriately to their unique needs. The more first responders and medical staff know, the better the treatment they can provide.

The most recent CDC statistics state that one in 68 U.S. children has autism. And children with autism grow into teens and then adults with autism. So, similar to information about a person’s allergies or other medical conditions, immediate access to information about their unique autism has the potential to positively impact the quality of emergency care for millions of people.

Cellphone ownership in the United States has surpassed 90% of adults, 56% of children ages 8-12, and 78% of teens aged 12-17, and mobile devices are becoming the go to item first responders are trained to look for to get fast facts about a patient. ICE4Autism is an autism-specific, practical 21st century complement to the ICE card. It stores detailed and specific information directly on the person’s device so, should the need arise, it is readily available.

The ICE4Autism mobile app has successfully completed Apple's review process and is scheduled for release on the App Store on April 2, 2015 to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day. It's added value of providing peace-of-mind for both individuals with autism and their loved ones, ties in directly with this year’s “Employment” theme. Striving for greater independence is more manageable for everyone if they have the confidence that, should something go wrong, they will get the proper, sensitive treatment they need and deserve.

For more information about ICE4Autism:

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