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User Guide, Fact Sheet & Frequently Asked Questions

Step-by Step User Guide


The ICE4Autism mobile app has been designed to be simple and intuitive. Please review and use the Step-by-Step User Guide to benefit
from all of its functionality and options. Click to view, download and save the ICE4Autism Step-by-Step User Guide.


ICE4Autism Fact Sheet


Click to view, download and save the ICE4Autism Fact Sheet


ICE4Autism Video
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why should I install ICE4Autism?

Because no one is immune to emergencies and emergency personnel need to know as much as possible about you to provide you with the best possible care. Providing information about your ASD, your unique sensitivities, sensory, communication and behavioral issues provides a more complete picture of your needs improving the quality of care you receive. And, having it all "right there" on your device makes it easily accessible.


Checking for a smartphone has become part of the standard protocol for first responders. Years ago they would look for a wallet for ID, now they know to look for a smartphone, too.


Having the important information about you and your unique needs at-the-ready can save critical time and can make getting through your emergency much less stressful.


On what devices can I install and use ICE4Autism?


ICE4Autism is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It has been optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and 6Plus.


What operating system do I need to have on my device?


Your device must be running iOS 7.1 or later.


Is ICE4Autism available for Android devices?


Coming soon! We’re working on it.

Where is all the information I enter into ICE4Autism stored?


The ICE4Autism app itself, and everything you enter into it sits directly on your device.


How can I be sure that the information I enter in ICE4Autism won't be changed by someone using my device?


Once you have entered your information into ICE4Autism, be sure to swtich ON the "Lock Option" to password protect it. When the toggle switch is in the "ON" (it will illuminate green) position, any attempt to change, add or delete the information you entered will be greeted with a warning message that the data has been locked and a pasword must be entered.


Why should I install ICE4Autism instead of another ICE app?


Unfortunately, many first responders, doctors and nurses lack a sufficient understanding of autism which may lead them to misinterpret any autism-related behaviors, communication challenges or a-typical sensory responses. And, even with a deep understanding of ASD, if they don't have information about YOUR individual needs, your care may be compromised.


ICE4Autism is the ONLY In Case of Emergency app developed specifically to meet the unique needs of individuals with autism.


ICE4Autism was developed to address the immediate, urgent and unique needs of an individual with ASD in an emergency situation. It conveniently and intuitively stores vital information about that person’s unique communication and social deficits, sensory and behavioral issues, as well as their health conditions, medications, providers and insurance coverage directly on their mobile device. The ICE4Autism mobile app gives first responders, doctors and nurses immediate access to the critical the information needed while helping to reduce the patient’s heightened level of anxiety.


Why did you develop ICE4Autism?


Because there are millions of people of all ages with autism each of whom is a unique individual with distinct needs, sensitivities, behaviors and concerns. The idea behind ICE4Autism is that when a person with autism ventures out into the world, s/he has a tool at-the-ready to inform first responders, doctors and nurses of his/her unique needs in an emergency situation


The ICE app concept is not new. What is new is that ICE4Autism is the only In Case of Emergency app designed with an understanding and appreciation of the fact that autism is a highly individual disorder differing dramatically from person to person. Even a few seconds can make a difference in a crisis, so the ability to share specific information quickly can impact the care the person receives and the awareness necessary to respond appropriately to their unique needs.


Who developed ICE4Autism?


I am Wanda Refaely -- a mom, involved member of the community and volunteer board member at a San Diego non-profit organization dedicated to providing services that instill community-wide autism inclusion. I work as an independent consultant assisting autism treatment providers with insurance credentialing, audit preparation and contracting (


Experience has taught me a great deal about autism, about the needs of individuals on the spectrum and their families, and about the challenges surrounding autism and safety throughout the life-cycle.


I kept coming across the same recommendation: that an “ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card” describing the person’s medical conditions, medications, allergies and special needs be safety pinned (YES, safety-pinned!) to their clothing somewhere inconspicuous.  Seriously!?!


ICE4Autism is a practical,  21st century solution to the “safety-pinned ICE card”.



Does ICE4Autism have a feature for the user to share his location?


Yes! The ICE4Autism “Alert my Emergency Contacts” feature sends a pre-loaded text message – including the user’s pinned GPS location on Google maps – to the designated emergency contacts.  If a person is feeling stress, fear or anxiety – whether it’s an emergency or not – s/he can simply tap “Alert my Emergency Contacts”, and they will be notified of his distress AND his location. This feature provides peace of mind for both users and loved ones as individuals with ASD live more independent lives.


Why did you name the app “ICE4Autism”?


I thought long and hard about this. I consulted with parents of kids and teens with ASD, with people on the spectrum and with treatment providers. Initially, they all expressed concern over including the word “autism” in the app name, suggesting “that’s private” and not something they want “everyone to be able to see on my phone or iPad”. But, after explaining that the whole point of the app was to make sure that, in an emergency, it is of critical importance that first responders be immediately aware of that fact, they all agreed that having “autism” in the app name was essential to its being useful.


The ICE4Autsim name is clear, unambiguous and an explicit description of what the app is, who it’s for and what it does.



How can I share ICE4Autism with friends, family and others who could benefit from it?


It is my sincere hope that you will LOVE ICE4Autism and will tell everyone all about it.  


Here are a few things you can do:


1. Use the “Share on Social Media” option on the ICE4Autism Tools & Settings page. Tap on the relevant icon – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. -- add a personal recommendation asking your friends to re-post/re-Tweet the info (if you would be so kind) and confirm the post.


NOTE: For this to work you must be logged into the Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn etc. app on your device (you can verify this in your device settings…social media sites appear towards the bottom of the list).


2. Contact local chapters of relevant organizations in your community and ask them to include ICE4Autism in their listings of important and useful resources (or refer them to me:


3. Share the ICE4Autism website with your friends, members of your MeetUps and other groups to which you belong, with your autism treatment providers, BCBA, OT, PT, psychologist, primary care physician… 


4. Post a glowing review of ICE4Autism on the App Store (Coming soon!)


5. Send me an email ( with YOUR ideas ­– I appreciate your input.


Thank you!


What should I do if something isn’t working properly in the ICE4Autism App?


I have made every effort to ensure that all the various functions within ICE4Autism work properly. If you discover a “bug” please let me know immediately. Send me an email ( with as much information as possible about the problem and I will get back to you with a response promptly.


​How do I contact you if I have a question or suggestion?


I would love your feedback, so please do not hesitate ( High praise will be gratefully received, but I’d also appreciate your thoughts on improving the app, getting the word out about the app, and any other ideas you have regarding ICE4Autism.  

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