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Specially developed in collaboration with people on the spectrum for people on the spectrum, ICE4Autism stores and communicates YOUR unique sensitivities and special needs


The ICE4Autism mobile app conveniently and intuitively stores vital information about you and your unique needs, sensitivities and behaviors directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Simply launch the ICE4Autism mobile app and first responders, ER doctors, nurses and administrators have immediate access to the critical the information needed to treat you properly while helping to reduce what is sure to be a heightened level of anxiety.


Emergency situations are challenging for everyone. But add in sensory, communication and behavioral challenges, and an emergency can turn into a disaster for a person with Autism*. First responders, ER doctors and nurses may lack a sufficient understanding of autism leading them to misinterpret autism-related responses. They may not know how to communicate with or otherwise help an autistic person* cope with painful or scary procedures.


ICE4Autism helps you to help them get you better!

ICE4Autism My Autism Widget
ICE4Autism Alert My Emergency Contacts Widget
ICE4Autism Special Instructions Widget
ICE4Autism ICE Audio Widget
ICE4Autism Health Conditions Widget
ICE4Autism Allergies and Sensitivities Widget
ICE4Autism Medications Widget

My Autism - Information Unique to YOU

  • How you communicate -- includes a drop down menu of commonly used communication devices and languages, and a place to describe how you communicate and want to be communicated with

  • Your unique behaviors and triggers --  includes a drop down menu listing behaviors commonly associated with autism PLUS the option to enter your own details including telling first responders and medical staff how best to  respond to make YOU more comfortable

  • Important Treatment Information -- describe any issues, concerns and sensitivities that could be vital to YOUR proper care and overall comfort level AND describe ways to reduce your anxiety

Alert My Emergency Contacts


ICE4Autism can send an emergency alert text message --  including your GPS location and a link to your location pinned on Google Maps -- to your designated emergency contacts. Parents, spouses, caregivers and service providers can come to your side, advocate for you and help you through the ordeal.

Special Instructions


The Special Instructions widget is the place for you to tell first responders whatever YOU decide is most important!


It may be that you are particularly noise sensitive, have an unusually high pain threshold, or that you are non-verbal and use your iPad to communicate; it may be that just because you nod your head does not necessarily mean you understand or that you are particularly frightened of needles; or it may be a request that they answer your phone if it rings, because it's probably your worried mom, dad, husband or wife wanting to make sure you are OK.

ICE Audio - ICE4Autism can speak for you or your loved one


If you or your loved one is non-verbal or incapacitated due to injury, the simple press of a button plays YOUR pre-recorded message including the most important information about YOU, your sensitivities, unique behaviors and anything else YOU decide is vital to your care.


Save time by telling first responders and others how to use the app effectively and where to find the most important information about YOU and your needs.

Health Conditions


Individuals with an ASD* often have additional medical conditions and sensitivities. The  ICE4Autism Health Conditions widget includes a convenient drop down menu of commonly associated medical conditions as well as the option to manually enter your own



It is not uncommon for persons on the autism spectrum to suffer from food and environmental allergies and sensitivities. The ICE4Autism Allergies/Sensitivities widget includes a drop down menu of common allergies PLUS fields to manually enter YOUR specific allergic reactions AND instructions on how to respond in case of exposure

ICE4Autism My Doctors and Providers Widget
ICE4Autism Insurance Widget


In addition to a drop down menu of relevant medications, the ICE4Autism Medications widget also includes dosage and frequency fields which can be of critical importance to your care in any situation, and especially in an emergency.

My Doctors/Providers


Store contact information for your doctors and providers inside the ICE4Autism app for easy access. The My Doctors/Providers widget includes drop down menus for both common Primary Care Physician types and other relevant providers including speech therapists, occupational therapists, BCBAs and more

ICE4Autism Lock Option


Store primary and secondary insurance information alongside everything else needed for your care. Fields include carrier name, contact information, primary insured details and any notes or comments you wish to include.

Lock Option


The Lock Option enables you to password protect the information you enter in the ICE4Autism app ensuring that nothing is changed without your permission.


Data can be viewed in the locked position, but it cannot be changed.

ICE4Autism Lock Screen


When your device is locked, the ICE4Autism special Lock Screen option displays your most critical emergency information including:

  • Your photo

  • Name

  • Birthdate

  • Blood type

  • Emergency contact names and telephone numbers

  • PLUS your individual, user entered Special Instructions

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